Our company was established in 1993 in Poznań, Poland. Our first contract were for advertising projects and architectural models. These required us to be resourceful in technology development and selection of materials. With more and more projects ensuing, we were improving our skills and we have developed certain arrangements we are still using today. The models we produced can be seen in places such as Pobiedziska near Poznań (Poland), Élancourt near Paris (France), Ostrava (Czech Republic) and Wadowice (Poland). To match the market requirements, we have expanded our production profile. We started specializing in the processing of plastics and composites, not excluding other materials or technologies. We are still proactively seeking new challenges and solutions today. Symbol used to operate in Skórzewo near Poznań for years, yet in the course of our growth ambitions, we built a new site for the company in 2016 in Bytkowo near Rokietnica.

Today, we are mostly working for the industry, i.e. the automotive and medical sector, yet we continue to partner smaller businesses as well by providing services and delivering contracts. Individual customers are welcome, too.