We have years of experience in integrated processing of a broad spectrum of plastics and composites. With our extensive machine park, we are capable of handling most of the necessary processes in house. This allows us to control the production process and ensure the right quality at the particular stages of processing. It also streamlines the logistics of more complex projects.

It is not possible to enumerate all the processes and technologies which we are using right now or which we have used in our past work. In addition to the simplest interventions (in-line cutting and milling, drilling), we can cut or mill the most complicated shapes with our CNC machines. For thermal processing, we use in-line bending and an oven for plasticizing entire larger formats. We have vacuum thermoforming machines for molding thermoplastic pieces. Our presses and plate roll are used in forming composite panels. We have a lot of experience in gluing most diverse materials. In addition, based on our experience, we can offer advice and assistance in choosing the right materials and technologies. Examples of our projects and production processes are shown on the images.

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